Sammy Tapp discussing her work.


Amy’s StudioIMG_8007


Sculpture install

Rachel Reid

Rachel Reid Open studio

IMG_6994 (1)

IMG_6890 (1)


flowers in the woods, post brambles


Foundation going in


Hector expecting rain, thinking of the sofa


The ongoing bramble clearing of the stable yard woodland, looking forward to enjoying the woodland flowers.





coral and Ola

Ola and Coral preparing to plant bulbs


The first Autumnal morning.


The Stag in West Acre.


Geoffrey the duck.


Ana Lucia Garcia and Thomas Garnon came from September to October, here  we are on a life modelling challenge, Hector the Dog in clay while eating soup.


Parnika Mittal Joined us for 3 weeks in September.

sept oct 002

Emma Scothern and Billy Parkin came for the month of July, Bullrush control, tough work, especially when laughing.



Here we have Conrad Pack and David Bethell helping with the treehouse, what a summer!

rr 003

Conrad making the spindles.


Kirsten Bicker and David Bethell came for June, so very much to do in the garden but we’re also building a new tree house.

The strange contraption on the right is to steam bend the Ash battens for the roof.20180626_123550

Emma Corrall joined Inga and Mustafa. Emma came to finish a group of paintings. Here they are burning what they had cleared from part of a wood we want to plant flowers in.


below is Inga with Sammy, Inga Soring along with Mustafa Boga came for four weeks in May,  collaborating for an upcoming exhibition.


inga and Mustafa on the way to the shop.


Alex came for the month of April to experiment with new paintings, he and Lydia helped prepare the garden for spring, we had our first BBQ which was cut short by Sammy (6) breaking his arm.

Here is Alex whilst we were on a night time bike ride.


Lydia arrived, a five week stay in preparation for her final show at Goldsmiths. She witnessed the arrival of Spring and the reopening of the cafe.f 010

2018 began with Ola and Martin, they braved the cold, kept the fires burning and did so much clearing in the woods after one particularly nasty storm flattened some big old trees. Along the way they became locals in the local and extended their stay perhaps for this reason. Here they are transplanting a big sycamore from the wood in to the park… will it work!  time will tell.

trees 008



Omi Feeney and Joe Bloom joined us for the last residency slot of 2017. As well as lots of chilly mornings planting trees and native hedgerow they were invaluable help in the concrete groundwork preparations for our new shed – strenuous work, thank you!

twin shed 009

Both Omi and Joe made great use of their six week stay at High House, hugely productive in their studios.

This is how Gonz and Jasper would like to be remembered, American Gothic style.

gonz and Jasper 003

Goncalo was joined by Jasper Hagenaar who came over from the Netherlands to produce work for an upcoming exhibition.

Goncalo Neto joined us at the start of October, painting in to the night it was great to see the studio lights on until the small hours.


We have had a busy year with the residency.

Below is Sam Bakewell, he stayed from January through to May, creating a body of work for the Jerwood Makers 2017 exhibition. High House offered the space he needed to create his first large wood carvings using a chainsaw.
In return he helped us with our pottery glazes.. Thanks Sam. He fell in love with our puppy, Hector

Goldsmiths student Raphael Escardo was our next resident, his energy was limitless, here he is during a performance in the south park.


Alex Mcnamee,  joined us for 2 weeks in May then returned for another 2 weeks in June.

Alex helped us clear brambles from the Stable yard Plantation. Once this small wood is cleared we will fill it with native bluebells and begin to build a large tree house in the Cedar.

Here is Alex with a grass snake found in the walled garden.


we had Lily Hawkes, creating structures in Aluminium and helping in the woods.passage1

Our first group visit, Ben Urban, Izzy Dubois, Rachel Irons and Eilidh Watson,

Their mornings spent clearing Laurel ready for a new woodshed. The rest of their time spent exploring ideas for their up coming ‘let slip’ exhibition at the APT gallery in Deptford.

residents Izzy 021

This is the first year of the High House Working Residency, we are looking forward to welcoming lots of energetic creative minds.