Changing your surroundings


The newly refurbished Studio House. This is a flexible self contained living space, capable of housing up to four friends or two couples. It consists of a kitchen/dining area, downstairs bedroom with high level sleeping  deck, bathroom (shower and bath), upstairs sitting room/bedroom and roof terrace.

The accommodation is furnished with bedding and towels, the kitchen is fully equipped, including washing machine/dishwasher/induction hob and oven/fridge.working-residency-005

The food bursary is set at £45/week, local supermarkets deliver.

Free WIFI/internet access.

As part of the  stable block you will be next door to the studios.


There are two large studios available for use, an approximate floor area of 6x6m and a height of 4m, these are well lit with sinks and work surfaces. You will need to bring with you any materials and as with all spaces we expect them to be left as found.